Investment Opportunities

With the rise of the internet and digital communications, information has never been more accessible. Because of more obtainable information and expanded communication networks, investors can act quickly and make faster decisions than ever before. A traditional investment strategy in the full-liquidity financial market has been modernized through the application of large-scale calculating, computer modeling, and digitalization simulating provided by contemporary technology.

Industry Overview

The full-liquidity secondary market is a volatile one, which provides both opportunity and risk. This market presents higher volatility due to the increased efficiency of trading through digital and contemporary platforms. More analysis and patience are needed to predict the higher probability of financial derivatives pricing movement.

Since 2015, an increasing number of mature investors are shifting their investment strategy from traditional full-liquidity investment products to alternative investment opportunities. This stems from increasing concerns & uncertainties of financial markets.

Exempt Market Dealers have become an essential channel for investors seeking to understand alternative investment opportunities. Currently, the scale of the private capital market has been 3 times that of the public market. Even institutional investors and family offices are actively seeking more opportunities in alternative investment.