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About Us

We broaden our Canadian investors’ Asset Scopes with innovative alternative investment opportunities that spur investors towards financial success

At Rockbase Capital,  we provide our clients with consistent, customized advice based on their assets, horizon, and preferences via our experienced professional investment team. We value every one of our clients and use our technical knowledge to try and drive results. Getting started in alternative investments can be daunting, but with our friendly and communicative team, we can develop financial solutions that are future-forward and custom-built for you.

The Private Capital Market

The Private Capital market in recent years has become an essential part of asset allocation. According to McKinsey’s Private Markets 2021 Annual Review, private equity and other private markets have rebounded since 2008 to outperform other asset classes with less volatility. This report also indicated that private equity outperforms public market equivalents.

Historically, alternative investments have only been available to a small group of ultra-high net worth individuals and institutional investors. However, the world of investment is changing rapidly and security laws are changing to keep up.

Advanced strategies are now available in the private capital market for high net worth and qualified investors. At Rockbase Capital, we make sure these alternative investment opportunities are suitable and tailored to meet our clients’ investment goals